The Tanman - "If your riding stinks, air it out!"

For Sale Serious Inquires Only $34,000

Price DROP $29,000!!!


IMG 1849

2016 TOUR RIG!!

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Freestyle Training in Lake Havasu!

IMG 5999

Tanman WINS!

2015 Jettribe "Best of The West"

900cc freestyle National Champion

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FIRST EVER! Double Backflip off a V-Wake!!


See Below to see where it started

1st place - Jettribe Best Of The West Freestyle Rounds 1,2,3,5 and 6!!

One more race left until 

the champion is awarded

IMG 0569

2nd place Round 4!!


^First Ride Back From Broken Ankle^

Gearing up for 2015 Freestyle Season!

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New Rickters!!

Huckin Double Attempts again

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Screen shot 2014-10-19 at 2.09.22 PM

World Finals Training 2014 

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Almost Landing the Double Backflip

 Surf Slam Attempt

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Attempting at Lake Nacimiento

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2nd Place Freestyle! @ Jettribe Lake Perris Race Event IJSBA Qualifier

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Riding Back in Alaska!

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2014 Liquid Militia Team Weekend Freeride 1st Place!


2014 Rickter XFS Ninja Competition Flatwater Ski has arrived!

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JetLift Shop Stand - Get yours now!!

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Fullgaz Surf Slam!!

2014 Events Schedule

1/18/14            Daytona Beach Freeride       Surf N' Style Contest 2nd Place

3/14/14            Pismo Beach Freeride               Freeride Publicity Event

5/28/14           Liquid Militia Team Weekend       Team Event Ride

8/6/2014        Grayland Open Freeride        Pro Freeride 

8/16/2014      Lake Perris RPM                    Am Freestyle

9/9/2014         Blowsion Surf Slam             Pro Freeride

10/1/2014       IJSBA World Finals              Amateur Freestyle 

JetPilot Sponsorship in 2014


Team TC Freeride Representing

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Photo By Mark Fischer

2nd Place in Daytona!!

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Mark Gomez pictured above 1st place

Team Rickter In Daytona

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Makng the Journey to Florida


Model Skyler Joy shooting for ProRider Magazine on the 

NEW TC FREERIDE - 2014 Rickter FR-2 EVO 1


Jetlift Beach Carts!

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Photo by Pavlina Machotkova

2013 Poster


Tanner will be riding freeride and freestyle for Factory Rickter on Team TC Freeride for 2014

New TC Freeride-2asdf


New way of ANYONE sponsoring Tanner's next season!! Click! here


Freeriding with Tanner and Zack - GoPro Studio 2.0 from Tanner Thomas on Vimeo.

5th - Pro Freeride

 2013 Blowsion Surf Slam

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1st Surf Riding

2013 Grayland Open

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 H2X Watershow at the 2013 Calgary Stampede Bell Aqua Ranch!

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Have you got your new JetLift beach cart yet!?!?

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Zack Bright and I have!

8th in the 2012 IJSBA World Finals!!

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Jettribe Lake Perris Race

Im the backflipper in the video


Grayland Open 2012

Read the article:

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logo tyler rev2
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Rough weekend in Oregon - Read the blog

tanman backflip poster

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Off Season Snowmobiling

 Freeride SuperJet lost in 2011 Season

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2010-2013 Race Results

Date                      Event                             Class                                 Result

09/22/13         Alpe Adria Cup - Croatia    Freestyle                                 2nd

09/11/13         Blowsion Surf Slam       PRO FREERIDE                        5th

08/10/13         Grayland Open             Surf Riding                                   1st

08/11/12         Grayland Open             Big Air/ Overall                            2nd

10/5/2012       IJSBA World Finals     AM Freestyle                                8th

9/8/2012         Blowsion Surf Slam    AM Freeride                                   5th

9/8/2012         Blowsion Surf Slam     K&S Big Air                                 3rd

8/25/2012       JetTribe Lake Perris     Novice Ski Stock                           8th

8/25/2012       JetTribe Lake Perris    AM Freestyle                                  2nd

8/18/2012       Grayland Open          Surf Riding                                       1st

8/18/2012       Grayland Open          Big Air                                             3rd

8/19/2012       Grayland Open          AM Freeride                                     3rd

8/19/2012      Grayland Open           Pro Moto-Surf Racing                      3rd

9/11/2011       Blowsion Surf Slam    IFWA -AM Freeride                       5th

9/6/2011         Grayland Open           Pro Moto-Surf                                  3rd

9/6/2011         Grayland Open           Sit-down Freeride                             2nd

9/7/2011         Grayland Open             Amateur Freeride                            4th

9/10/2010       Blowsion Surf Slam       IJSBA - Pro/AM Moto-Surf        1rst

9/10/2010       Blowsion Surf Slam       IFWA - AM Freeride                    3rd

8/28/2010       DJSA Jet Effect             Novice Ski Stock                           3rd

8/15/2010       Grayland Open Amateur Freeride  APBA- AM Freeride     4th


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More pics!!!

All photos and videos © 2011 - Tanner Thomas and TNT Filmz